Whether you already have a source of income from a main job and are looking for additional income, or if you need a job on which you can depend, you may seriously want to consider ATM entrepreneurship. By becoming your own boss, and owning your own business, you’ll be able to generate passive income far easier than you ever thought possible.

What’s more, you can do it within 30 days by becoming an ATM entrepreneur.

Let’s look at this 30-day plan.

Establishing LLC/EIN

This is roughly a 30-minute process (but waiting time may be a week or more).

To be a business owner, you’ll need to set up an LLC/EIN. There are couple of ways of doing this – one faster but the other is more frugally savvy. (Sources: irs.gov, incfile.com).

Any additional information you need regarding LLC and EIN can be provided by the ATM Together team. Free lessons are available.

Setting up a Bank Account

Figure 1 to 2 days to accomplish this.

Because banks consider the ATM business a high risk one, it can be hard to establish a business account/business checking account with some of them. This isn’t like setting up a personal bank account. You can get a lot of opposition from any number of banking establishments.

Your best bet is to call around to see which banks are open to the idea. When you show up to open your account, make sure you have everything you need with you: Copies of your LLC, EIN, identification, and a processing agreement (an agreement between you and your processing company.

Do not use a personal checking account for your ATM business!

ATM and Processing

This step could take roughly a couple of days.

Be careful about purchasing ATMs “at a discount”. The company you’re buying them from may make their money back in other ways – like taking money out of your pocket! Note: When you’re new to the business, experts suggest you go with new machines (as opposed to used machines).

Processing is the network you need in order to facilitate the transactions between the ATM, the banking network, and your business checking account. 

No matter what company you go with, make sure of two things:

  • No company should charge you for the actual processing. You should get your network for free.
  • Do not sign a service agreement.

Location Is Crucial!

This can take one or more days.

You know what they say – “Location, location, location!”

Wherever you put your ATM machine or machines, it should be in a location that is cash driven. Choose a place where people are going to need cash. Think about all the places you’ve shopped or gone to where you’ve seen an ATM. This can be bars, convenience stores, dispensaries, hair salons, lottery counters, and much more. Be sure, as well, that foot traffic in this location is considerable.

As you can see, at most, you may have just spent seven days, give or take, setting up your ATM business. Once your machine or machines is/are in place, and you’ve loaded them with cash ($3000 or less to start with should be adequate), you’re in business – literally.

You Could Be Generating Passive Income Within 30 Days

The team at ATM Together is here for you when it comes to purchasing, owning, operating ATMs, and more. We will mentor you, offer guidance and information, help you figure out processing, answer your questions, tell you how you can purchase your ATM, assist you in getting your LLC, and so much more. 

With the ATM Together team on your side, you can generate passive income and be your own boss!

Got questions about how to start your new ATM business? Join forces with ATM Together. Our team wants to help you succeed. Contact us for information.

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