Have you been toying with the idea of starting your own business, but you’ve seen how complicated it can be to go through all the steps needed to run a company? Here is some good news. You can be your own boss, set up your own hours, keep all your profits, have more time to spend with family and friends, and more, when you become an ATM owner. That’s right. ATM entrepreneurship affords you all those perks and then some.

Here, we’re going to relate one man’s story about how he became an ATM entrepreneur with the help of ATM Together. 

A Little Bit About Guy

Guy is a 24-year-old Uber driver/operations commander in Arizona. He graduated from ASU about two years ago in health and science and started his ATM journey about one year ago. Currently he has one ATM location in a barbershop in the Phoenix Metro area.

What Attracted You to ATM Entrepreneurship?

Guy noticed there seemed to be an awful lot of locations that required cash yet had no real access to it (in and around the Cassius King area). One of the things he realized was that the majority of merchants actually get charged a fee for consumers to use credit cards.

“It was a no-brainer. The ATM businesses could turn some income while saving the merchants money. It was a way of helping my community, as well.”, he tells us.

How Was Your Business Start Up Process?

Was starting up a business with people he had never met a difficult process? (Guy worked with ATM Together to start up his ATM business.) 

“I’ll be honest,” he explains, “I was very skeptical at first. I took a lot of time and effort, read over everything I could get, researched members, got people’s feedback, and more. I needed to get a feel for whether or not it was a scam. Looking back, it’s one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made!”

“it gave me a big opportunity and hopefully in 2023 I’ll see more locations, and more profit so I can do more things with the money.”

“It was interesting, finding out how to set up my ATM and the entire process. I’ve worked jobs in the past that didn’t give you enough information or were very hands-off. That was not the case here. I received all the help and guidance I needed. I look forward to continued work with ATM Together and working even more with the team again when I set up my next locations.”

Guy particularly enjoyed how hands-on the program worked. “It explains everything honestly, it’s very user-friendly, gets into the details, there’s a lot of videos to watch to give you good perspective, and more.” He gives a big shout out to the team for all the coaching they gave him along the way. He knows he was able to progress thanks to the learning he did through ATM Together.

Don’t Be Afraid To Start a New ATM Business

While Guy may currently still be working for Uber, who knows what the future will bring? Once he gets another machine or two set up in his area, he may be pulling in enough to make ATMs his full-time gig.

If you’d like to find out more about working with the ATM Together team, and how to purchase, locate, own, and operate ATMs, there’s no time like the present to gather that information.

To discuss starting an ATM business, please contact us form further information.

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