What’s the downside of owning a business, where most business ventures are concerned? The money you actually put in your pocket is a fraction of what your business makes. That doesn’t have to be the case, however, when you are an ATM entrepreneur. What makes the ATM business so different from others? Why, and how, as an automated teller machine businessperson, can you keep all your ATM profits?

When you own an ATM machine, the money you make is yours – provided you went with the right processing company. Make sure not to sign a contract with a processing company that’s going to tap into your profits.

Let’s take a look at three different techniques that will allow you to keep 100% of your profits from every ATM location. 

Special Promotion

“Special Promotion” is basically going to promote a sense of urgency for your client to go ahead and work with you by having your ATM at their location. You want to get your ATM in that business so you can start making passive income. To get there, tell business owners that you are running a “special promotion”.

Find a business that is cash driven with good foot traffic. Make a cold call and set up an appointment or visit them and ask to speak to the owner. Either way, stress the fact that this promotion is for a limited time – you’re only going to be in town until the end of the week (or something on those lines).

Value Stack

This is a list of everything you’re going to provide to the client.

This refers to the money you’re spending on gas to the money you’re investing in the purchase of an ATM. You want to make sure the client knows what you have invested into your business in order to provide value for them. You may consider saying something like, “Not only am I going to provide you with a free ATM, but I’m also going to save you money from using your merchant services.” 

ATM Versus Merchant Services

Why do you want to bring up the whole merchant services topic?

Merchant services are those credit card machines you see at gas stations and such, where you enter your credit card or debit card. Business owners get charged for those! Very often, businesses will assign a minimum to debit or credit card transactions so the fees they have to pay will be covered. It can be five dollars or any other amount they deem appropriate.

Not only are you offering them an ATM, you’re offering the service for free. You’re also offering vaulting services, which means you’re going to load the machine with your money so they don’t have to worry about dealing with banks and handling credit cards. You’ll even provide your own Internet. 

What if they’re worried about electricity? ATMs use very little electricity, comparable to a microwave.

Make sure they know that if they don’t take this offer, the guy down the street will. They may end up losing clients to their competition because their competition took advantage of your ATM offer.

Make ATM Profits and Keep the Profits You Make

Get started down the road to keeping the 100% of the profits you make from your very own business. Along with other members of the ATM Together team, you can pursue an ATM entrepreneurship. You’ll gain the support, advice, encouragement, and guidance of knowledgeable, experienced individuals who are already in the business of owning and operating ATMs.

When it comes to being your own boss and starting your new ATM business, don’t go it alone. Join forces with us for your best chance of success.

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