Imagine being able to generate a steady stream of income while having the flexibility to go about your usual business and spend more time with your family. For Eddie and Lianis, the dream of financial freedom became a reality through the lucrative world of automated teller machines (ATMs). With strategic planning, proper research, and a keen eye for opportunities, this couple harnessed the power of the ATM business to create a sustainable and passive income for their family.

In this article, we will delve into the inspiring story of how they leveraged the ATM business to achieve their financial goals and create a lifestyle that provides for their family’s needs while allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a truly passive income stream. Get ready to learn how this couple turned their entrepreneurial spirit into a successful venture that has transformed their lives and set them on a path to financial success.

Meet Eddie and Lianis

Eddie is 34, and works for the City of Boston, while Lianis is 28 and has her own logistics and freight-moving business. The couple has a beautiful daughter.

Why ATM Business?

Since the couple has what they are doing already, why would they think of venturing into the ATM business again? Well, according to them, they see it as an opportunity to help other people and businesses while also earning some income in the process.

Who Found the Information About ATM Together First and How?

Lianis said she found the information first. She explained that it popped up on her social media feeds and she got interested, and then, she sent it to her husband. The couple also explained that they have seen similar businesses like that before, but they were not convinced as those ones seem a bit off. However, they found the information about ATM Together more relatable and convincing, so, they decided to join.

Working With People They Haven’t Met Physically Before, Was There Any Fear or Skepticism?

We know being skeptical in a situation like this is normal. The biggest fear they had was if the business was real or a scam. “For me, was just like is this real or they are going to just run off with our money?” Eddie said. However, the couple explained that they were later convinced when they did their research from the website, and groups, heard some clients’ testimonials, and spoke with the team.

They finally found the process of getting started pretty simple, all thanks to the ATM Together team who ensured smooth communication and provided them with every needed information.

Talking About Installing the ATM, What Was the Experience Like for the Couple?

The couple admitted that the installation process was a lot simple than they thought. They also found the training videos about the ATM extremely easy to understand and implement.

And Who Are the Couple Going to Share the Good News of the ATM Business With?

The couple explained that they were already talking to Lianis’ brother about the business, they also stated that they are ready to share the good news with anyone interested in passive income and living a comfortable life.

Eddie and Lianis’ Advice to Those That Are Still Not Sure

While it is great to be careful, playing too safe might mean no progress. The couple admitted that they are always careful about where and how they invest, however, they were convinced about the success of their ATM business with ATM Together. “So if you are on the fence, just give it a shot”, Eddie advised.

Would you love to start your ATM business? At ATM Together, we will be ready to work with you.

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