In today’s fast-paced world, retirement often marks the end of a professional career. However, for our client, Carla, retirement became the beginning of a new entrepreneurial journey. With a bold and innovative approach, she took advantage of the ever-evolving financial landscape and built a thriving ATM business from scratch.

Through determination and a positive mindset, she has transformed her retirement years into a lucrative business venture, proving that age is just a number when it comes to entrepreneurial success. Join us as we delve into the fascinating tale of a retiree who has unlocked the potential of the ATM industry and achieved remarkable success as a business owner.

Meet Carla

Carla Harrison is an enterprising woman who was lucky to retire young after working for 31 years for a big communication company. She is married and she stays in Chicago. She is into a number of other businesses like property management and E-commerce which she runs with her husband.

How the ATM Business Idea Came Up

After Carla’s retirement in 2020, she started looking for another business with her husband to supplement her income. Being a young retiree, she didn’t want to start spending her pension yet, hence she embarks on creating multiple streams of income for herself. In the process of her research, she came across the idea of owning an ATM business. It was an intriguing moment for them as they didn’t even know that it is possible for individuals to own an ATM. “We didn’t even know individuals can own ATMs and then we started doing our little research and then we really got intrigued with it and just wanted to jump on board,” she stated.

Why ATM Together?

Carla admitted that there were several other companies they could have gone for, however, they got inspired to go for ATM Together because of their experience with ATM Together’s CEO, Paul Alex. She narrated how accessible and supportive he was for them, which they find quite impressive and reassuring.

Any Fear in the Process?

Just like several other clients, Carla also admitted they were a bit skeptical about starting a business with a virtual stranger due to the fear of being scammed. But with proper research, they were able to overcome the fear and take the bold step.

Would Carla Share the Good News With Anyone?

Well, we all know that when we have something good in our lives, we would be glad to share it with those around us, especially our loved ones. Carla stated that she and her husband have been sharing the good news of the ATM business with many people around them. She stated, “We’ve been putting it out there and anybody that asks, we will shout it out…you know, its enough money for anybody to get some”.

Carla’s Final Note to the Skeptical You

Stop hesitating, just start. Understand that time is money, the longer you wait, the more money you waste.

At ATM together, our team can provide the support you need to get started on your journey to building a successful ATM business. Feel free to get in touch with us for your ATM automation.

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