The field of optical engineering is a specialized and challenging field, but what happens when an optical engineer takes an unexpected turn into the world of the ATM (automated teller machine) business? This intriguing client success story follows the journey of an optical engineer who ventured into a completely new industry and found success in the realm of the ATM business.

The story highlights how  Emil’s unique interest in earning passive income propelled him into a thriving business venture in the world of ATMs. Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of this optical engineer turned ATM business owner, and discover the inspiring tale of how he navigated through uncharted territory to achieve success in an unexpected industry.

A Little About Emil

Emil is an optical engineer, he is 33 years old and is from Colorado. He stated that he has been taking some time off his profession lately and looking towards earning passive income.

How He Got to Know ATMtogether

Since Emil has been interested in passive income, one of the avenues he has been considering happened to be the ATM business. He later got a recommendation about ATM Together from a friend, and after making his research, and seeing some testimonials, he was convinced to get started with ATM Together.

From Optical Engineering to the ATM Business Industry, What Caused the Attraction?

These two industries are obviously far apart, however, Emil admitted that he was attracted by something: the low cost of entry. Having also invested in the real estate industry, Emil disclosed that the ATM business gives similar returns with a relatively low barrier of entry.

How Did Emil Find the Information Provided by ATM Together?

After doing his research about the ATM business, Emil reached out to the ATM Together team to get more information about the program. He noted that the information was very straightforward.

How Does It Feel for Emil to Start a Business With a Company He Was Just Communicating With Virtually?

Emil’s experience seems to be a unique one among the several client success stories we’ve heard. Having worked as a virtual teacher and being used to a virtual environment, Emil admitted that he was comfortable with the process and he found it interesting.

What Type of Questions Did Emil Have During the Process?

One of the biggest questions Emil had was about location. He was also curious about the type of return he should expect on his investment. Interestingly, the ATM Together team was available to give fast responses to these questions and more, and Emil found this very appealing.

Emil’s Word for You

Be aware of your environment and be on the lookout for opportunities. “I never really paid attention to ATMs until I got into it, and then I started becoming very intrigued…” He said.

At ATM Together we provide the necessary information and assistance you’ll ever need in building a successful ATM business. Would you love to get started with your ATM business? We will be glad to help you with the ATM automation process.

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