ATM Business Success Stories From Tee Dwayne Bracy

Serial entrepreneur that runs a successful real estate investing company.


– Meet Tee Dwayne Bracy! Tee is a serial entrepreneur that runs a successful real estate investing company.
– Tee knows how to run a business and trust me, he also knew how to run his numbers for his real estate business and his ATM business.
– When I spoke with him, we were talking about how real estate and the ATM business are very similar.
– If you think about it… ATMS are like little pieces of property inside businesses that generate you passive income just like if you were renting out apartments and your tenants had to pay you rent…very similar concept!!!
– The only difference…which is pretty BIG is the initial investment….
– This is where Tee saw the opportunity to grow his portfolio with ATMTogether….
– Instead of investing $200,000 for a rental property, why not invest $4,000-7,000 to start your ATM business instead and make the same amount in monthly passive income!
🏆 Look what what Tee said after working with us after one and half months (Still New)…
– ” PASSIVE INCOME….Mailbox money, money while you sleep is always the goal….Owning a real estate company is a blessing, when you start making money you have to invest or you will have what I call lazy money. You always want your money making more money. That’s how the rich stay rich.
– 2 months ago Me and my dawg @some_callme_ronthedon partner up and now we have 4 ATM machines in different locations. By December we’ll have 10 locations, by May 2022 we’ll have 25 locations.. The goal is always PASSIVE INCOME”
– Very inspiring!!! Love the mindset and what he stated. 🚀

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