Are you tired of the same old job you’ve been doing for years – maybe decades? Instead of taking orders from someone else, wouldn’t you like to be your own boss? How great would it be if you could have more time for family and friends and spend less time actually “working”. You can make passive income as an ATM entrepreneur.

Check out these ATM business basics. They provide valuable startup information. Before you know it, you’ll be a successful entrepreneur.

ATM Together Offers Invaluable Information

When you partner with ATM Together, you receive more guidance, information, instruction, advice, hands-on training, and encouragement than one can possibly imagine. As an example, check out our free ATM Minicourse. Without exception, everyone loves this course! They love how informative it is and how it gets you excited and prepared. Some people think that the ATM business is boring. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This minicourse can show you why.

Research Is of the Utmost Importance

How do you know where to start researching? Here’s a great tip: Use the Free 2022 Guide put out by ATM Together. This is the latest and greatest version of our guide written by the individuals on the team who know all the ins and outs, and ups and downs, regarding the ATM business.

The ATM Basics YouTube Videos by ATM Together

ATM Together offers numerous helpful videos, some of which deal with how to start your own ATM business and/or the very basics you’ll need to get started. Here are just two of the videos that fall under this classification:

“How to Start an ATM Business on Your Own…”

Things You Must Know Before Starting an ATM Business YouTube Post

In both cases, watch for a section that discusses “Check under Guides” for the best startup information.

The Four Pillars

There are four basic pillars involved in the ATM business startup process:

  1. You’re starting your own business here, so you’ll need an LLC/EIN. ATM Together can give you the NAICS code you will need, and, additionally, the best methods of getting your LLC/EIN.
  2. A business checking account will be needed. Once you find a bank who will give you one, be sure to have the following with you when you arrive: your LLC/EIN, identification, and a printed copy of your ATM processing agreement.
  3. Before deciding on your ATM processing company – which you will need – do some research. Make sure you don’t sign any contracts and that you aren’t paying a processing fee. Good customer service is a plus, as well. 
  4. Location, location, location. You’ll want to locate your ATM in a place that has impressive foot traffic and is cash driven. Salesmanship will go a long way here. 

Now You Know the Basics – Time to Start Your Business

It’s time to start making more money with less work. It’s time to let your investment work for you. It’s time to do all the things with your family and friends you’ve never had time for before.

It’s time to become an ATM entrepreneur.

The ATM Together team would like to help you succeed. We can give you advice, guidance, and instruction on any and all things ATM related: from purchasing, to the startup process, to placement, and to owning, and operating ATMs.

How do you begin? Contact us and discuss starting an ATM business with one of our representatives.

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