The modern world has witnessed a rapid rise in entrepreneurship, as people increasingly seek to create their own business opportunities, earn passive income, and achieve financial independence. Among the many business models that have gained popularity in recent years, the ATM and BTM business has emerged as a profitable and low-maintenance option for many people looking to earn passive income.

In this context, we introduce a 26-year-old entrepreneur who has found success in ATM and BTM business while also cherishing his time with family. This individual has discovered the potential of earning passive income from the ATM business and serves as an inspiration for others seeking to explore similar business opportunities. He has proven that you can be family inclined and still enjoy financial freedom.

Background History

Kent Lipowski grew up in Los Angeles, and he recently lives in Cleveland, Ohio. The 26-year-old guy has done a number of different jobs but he is presently a service advisor, and also a remote closer who sells different coaching courses online for a variety of business owners.

Why He Decided to Start His Own Business

A lot of people become entrepreneurs due to various reasons, and how valid the reasons are could be highly relative. When Kent was asked the question, one of the reasons he highlighted was freedom, who doesn’t desire freedom? He stated his desire to be in control of his day-to-day activities and not be a corporate slave.

How Important Is Passive Income?

Kent stated that he enjoys spending time with his family, and to enjoy this freedom to do what he wants to do on his own time and enjoy a happy life is to have money work for you. Instead of getting caught up with life or working round the clock for money, it is better to leverage the beauty of passive income and let money work for you.

Why ATM?

He understands that leaving the money in the bank to turn in a few bucks is not the smartest thing to do with his money, and it is smarter to put the money to work as it yields better. Additionally, having made a full-time living in cryptocurrency since his college days, it is easier for him to easily transition into ATM.

Why BTM?

Kent has been a big crypto supporter since his college days, having understood the fact that crypto is a way to break away from the central banking system, and the freedom it gives, he sees it as a great idea and something worth jumping on.


Kent highlighted some of the big reasons he has chosen Some of the reasons are the fact that ATM Together offers excellent customer service/support and also the team of professionals has proven to have first-hand knowledge and experience in the industry.

Earning a passive income could be exciting, and interestingly you can begin the journey as early as now! Would you like to get started with your ATM or BTM automation? Free free to get in touch with our team of professionals.

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