Worldwide, there are ATMs in India, Brazil, Japan, the United States, China, and now Canada. So, it may come as no surprise to some people that an individual would open an ATM in Canada. The fact that he used to work in IT, however, and decided to become an ATM entrepreneur, will surprise some individuals. 

There’s really no mystery here. The decision to start an ATM business in Canada is a fantastic idea – even if it means leaving your current occupation. So profitable is the ATM business, many people today are deciding to leave their careers behind and become an ATM entrepreneur. Some people are only branching out slightly into the ATM world, while still maintaining their main job. It’s a personal choice. But the option is there! 

We’d like to introduce you to Peter, the individual just referred to.

A Little Bit About Peter

As referenced earlier, Peter lives in and set his ATM in Canada – specifically, Ontario. He’s 33 years old and got married just recently. His main job is as a cybersecurity analyst for one of the financial institutions in Canada.

How Did He Become Familiar with ATM Together?

Peter was first introduced to ATM Together courtesy of Instagram. He watched an ATM Together video presented by a company representative (Paul) and loved what he was seeing. The mindset of this individual seemed to be in alignment with his own. We’re talking money, the future, leaving a legacy, not having to depend on just one income, and more. Peter didn’t want to have to work until he died! He decided to find out more. He contacted ATM Together.

What Did Paul Find Interesting about the ATM Business?

“I am open to any opportunity that helps me toward my goal. At first, it was less about the business itself and more about whether or not it would help me get to the kind of future I want for myself and my family. This seemed like a good fit. Once I made sure that it was legal, I was on board.” (He said it almost seemed too good to be true, at first.)

“After listening to Paul break it down, I was ready to go!” 

What About Skepticism?

Peter understands the skepticism some people experience when thinking about starting an ATM business. Since everything was done virtually – and Peter’s location versus Paul’s location was a stretch, to say the least – the skepticism may have been even more intense. Though Peter was unsure at first, he decided to at least listen to what Paul had to say. Now he’s glad he did.

He scheduled a zoom call and watched for red flags. He listened carefully to see if there was anything “off” in what he was hearing. Additionally, Paul had also sent Peter a link describing how things worked and more. After acquiring all of this information, he was extremely intrigued.

The rest is history. Peter is now a successful ATM entrepreneur and hopes to own more machines, in more locations, in the future.

It’s Time to Start Your Very Own ATM Business – Even in Canada!

Peter also wants to let everyone know that the instruction and support he received – and continues to receive – from ATM Together was and is invaluable.

Take a tip from Peter and make the decision to be your own boss. You make your schedule and let your investment do all the work when you’re an ATM entrepreneur. Imagine the time you’ll have to devote family and friends, rather than that old 9-to-5 grind.

The ATM Together team can be of assistance where any and all things ATM related are concerned. From purchasing your machines, to learning about processing, to finding the right location for your machines, to the ins and outs of owning and operating ATMs, and much more. We may even be able to help in the area of financing.

The important thing is to start now, gathering information about your new ATM business. Contact us to learn more.

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