Parents are you looking for a way to bring in money but worried that if you pursue a serious career, it will take time away from your family? This would definitely be the case where certain types of jobs are concerned, but you can be a busy parent and an entrepreneur. How? Pursue an ATM entrepreneurship.

Owning your own business as an ATM entrepreneur, you make your own hours. When done right, the business of owning and operating ATMs is not only profitable but allows you to enjoy life, tend to family matters, and more, at the same time you’re running a business.

Here’s the story of one parent who became an ATM entrepreneur. We would like to introduce you to Andrew, from Long Island, New York.

A Bit about Andrew

Though he was born in Hawaii, Andrew was raised in New York. He still gets to visit Hawaii on a relatively frequent basis, thanks to the fact that he has ample income, courtesy of his ATM business. Andrew has been married almost 10 years and he and his wife just had twin girls. As he puts it, “Double the blessing – double the fun.”

Today, Andrew says he has everything he wants.


Andrew considers himself an entrepreneur at heart. He owns his own business, times two. He is involved in solar energy as a main business and source of income. He tells other people how to invest in energy and gives them options. So where did ATM machines come in? What was the appeal?

He was looking for something different. He feels there is a common denominator between investing in the solar field and ATM entrepreneurship because both involve smart spending. That, in turn, provides savings which need to be invested smartly.

What’s the best way to invest money that you’ve saved? Answer: Get into the money business. Generate passive income. What’s the best way to do that? Answer: the ATM business.

Andrew Teamed Up With ATM Together

Like so many other savvy ATM entrepreneurs, Andrew chose to team up with ATM Together. What specifically, does he like about the ATM Together experience? 

“The virtual relationship is awesome”, he states. “Even though they’re based on the west side, out of California, and I’m based on the east side, New York, we are able to bridge that gap virtually. I have access to mentorship, questions are answered, the team environment is credible.”

“During the time of COVID, when I had to shift my business and the world basically shut down, virtual became the new normal.”

Andrew’s ATM Location

Currently, Andrew has an ATM located in a tattoo shop. The owner of the tattoo shop actually has a second location, where he and Andrew have discussed putting another ATM machine. 

Clearly, Andrew’s story is one of success. When it comes to skeptical individuals, Andrew’s advice is this: “Indecision is the worst place to be. It’s like being stretched in polar directions. It creates a breakdown. Once you’ve made up your mind 100%, there’s nothing that can stop you. Make that big decision and jump in with two feet. By partnering with ATM Together, I had the team I needed behind me helping me to succeed.”

Even Busy Parents Can Be Entrepreneurs In the ATM Industry

If you are parenting with a spouse, partner, etc., and one of you already has a job, you’ve at least got a basic income. Many families today, however, are finding that one income isn’t enough. Fortunately, you can now own a business and still find time for family and friends. How? As stated above, by becoming an ATM entrepreneur, you open yourself up to numerous benefits, both personally and professionally.

Don’t go it alone! Partner with the ATM Together team. For those interested in owning and operating ATMs, this is your most valuable resource. Don’t get involved with questionable equipment and scammers. Get the support you need, guidance, and any advice you’re looking for regarding setting up new ATM business and running it successfully.

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