Are you a busy parent who would like to generate income with which to help your family?

First off, what parent isn’t busy? Secondly, what parent in this day and age couldn’t use a little more money? Would you be interested in an opportunity allowing you to better support your family and help your kids with passive income? If so, the story of how one mother of five started an ATM business to help generate passive income with which to support her family may be of interest to you.

Please allow us to introduce you to Reagan.

A Little Bit About Reagan

Reagan is from the West Coast – she lives in Washington. She has five children whom she homeschooled until recently. Once they started attending school, she made it her goal to figure out a way to generate an income. She didn’t want a job at some corporate headquarters where she was required to put in 40 or 50 hours a week. She discovered ATM Together and decided to pursue her first passive income adventure.

Why the ATM Industry?

Reagan was fortunate enough to have a bit of money saved she could put into her new ATM business venture. She didn’t need a business loan to buy her first machine. She likes the fact that she’s putting her money toward something working for itself. 

She thought about investing in the stock market or other traditional routes of investing but, “With the way things are in the world today, I didn’t want my money tied up that way – basically letting someone else use my money.” 

This way, she can help out the location owner and supply places that really need an ATM with one. What’s more, the ATM Together team helped her find an ideal location. The owner she’s connected with is very sweet, and they have a great business relationship.

Tools and Learning

Reagan can’t stress enough how happy she is with the tools and learning opportunities provided by ATM Together. 

“I can’t say enough good things about the team I had supporting me. I knew I would need a lot of help because of everything I have going on. I’m also still currently working part-time. I knew I’d need guidance and assistance, to be told what to do, and that I would need a bit of encouragement. I was really nervous, and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own.”

“I asked for a video call so I could speak face-to-face with someone a couple of times. A number of people accommodated my request. I experienced constant Instant Messenger, check-ins, and more. Sadly, I think I may have needed a lot more guidance than other people do, but I was never made to feel foolish or incompetent in any way, shape, or form. The support I received was phenomenal.”

When asked if Reagan had any negative things to say about her experience with ATM Together or her ATM entrepreneur venture, her response was a clear and concise, “No.” 

“If it hadn’t been for the team, my fear and nervousness would’ve held me back. I can’t say enough about them.” Reagan actually got teary here.

In fact, Reagan is looking forward to setting up more ATM locations. 

Earn Passive Income to Help Your Kids

Now that you’ve heard Reagan’s story, you know it’s possible to be both a busy parent and in business for yourself, generating passive income. When it comes to taking care of a home and children, what could possibly be better than passive income?

You’ve seen, from the information above, how owning an ATM business can make all the difference. Best of all, when you partner with ATM Together, you have the entire ATM Together team of knowledgeable, experienced individuals on your side.

When it comes to purchasing, owning, and operating ATMs, we are the team to turn to. 

Join forces with ATM Together for your best chance of success. Our team wants to help you succeed. If you still have questions about how to start your new ATM business, contact us for information.

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