In today’s modern world, the concept of financial independence and entrepreneurship has gained significant traction, transcending gender boundaries. One inspiring example of this is the story of a female delivery driver who built her ATM (Automated Teller Machine) business and now earns passive income on the go.

Julissa’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurship, showcasing how she was able to excel as an entrepreneur and create sustainable income streams on her own term. In this article, we will explore the journey of this female driver-turned-entrepreneur and how she built her ATM business, empowering herself to earn passive income while on the move. Her story is an inspiration for aspiring individuals looking to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and create their own path to financial success.

About Julissa

Julissa is a 28-year-old woman who works as a delivery driver. She has a daughter, and she currently lives in Columbia.

What Did Julissa Find Appealing About the ATM Business?

While there are a number of reasons people find the ATM business appealing, however, out of all the reasons, the main one that stood out for Julissa was the fact that the business can easily be combined with other types of businesses or regular jobs. “…you can place the ATM and go about your business”, she stated.

How She Got to Know About ATM Together

Julissa explained that she got to know about ATM together through a video someone shared on Instagram. When she watched the video, she discovered that the concept looks similar to that of a vending machine business which she has been into before. Being a familiar concept, she found it very easy to embrace.

 Starting the ATM Business Virtually, How Was It Like for Julissa?

Julissa admitted that she thought it was going to be difficult at first. She was curious about so many things and was eager to have some questions answered, questions ranging from how much it costs, whether the team would find her a location, and a number of other questions. Interestingly, she got all of her questions well answered by the ATM Together team, and this made her decision to start the journey a lot easier.

How Was the Installation Process Like?

Julissa found the process quite easy. After watching the videos, and with the assistance of her friend and the owner of the location, she was able to get it installed.

And Who Would Julissa Tell About ATM Business?

We all love sharing something good with people we love. Julissa is ready to share the good news of the ATM business with her closest friends, and anybody that wants passive income. (So generous of her!).

Julissa’s Final Word for Those Finding It Hard to Start

If you are still skeptical about starting your ATM business, Julissa’s word for you is simple and straightforward;  “just go for it”.

So, what would you say? At ATM Together, we will be glad to provide you with all the resources and assistance you would need in starting your ATM business.

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