The world of entrepreneurship is filled with creative and innovative ways to generate passive income, and one such success story is that of a DJ who found success in building a sustainable passive income from the ATM business. Driven by his love and passion for spending time with his family and a keen sense of business acumen, this DJ-turned-entrepreneur discovered a unique opportunity in the realm of automated teller machines (ATMs) and transformed it into a thriving venture.

In this article, we will delve into the journey of this enterprising individual, exploring the key factors that contributed to his success in earning sustainable passive income from the ATM business. Joe Garcia’s story is a testament to the power of innovation and determination in building a profitable and sustainable venture.

Meet Joe Garcia

Joe currently works as an account executive and also as a DJ. He is engaged and has 2 lovely kids aged 12 and 10 years old. He is from Dallas, Texas.

What’s So Important About Passive Income for Joe?

Joe is a big lover of his family, he believes in spending quality time with them, however, his job as a DJ made that hard for him. He understands that he must find a way to create time for his family without his income suffering for it. And since that is the freedom the concept of passive income has come to offer, he had to embrace it.

Why the ATM Industry?

Joe got so interested in the ATM business when he stumbled upon the ATM Together CEO on TikTok, talking about the business. He was amused by the details and facts being shared, became interested, and was inspired to research more on the business.

What Does Building the Business Feel Like?

After Joe finally decided to give the ATM business a try, at first he was scared of being scammed since he was about to start a business with people he hadn’t met before. But after proper research, he was convinced to join ATM Together.

This made the whole process easier for him as he was able to get his several questions answered and access the necessary guidance and assistance needed to build his ATM business from the ATM Together professional team.

Is Joe Sharing the Good News With Anyone?

The idea of an ATM business is a good one that must definitely be shared with one’s friends and lovers. Joe attests to this as he shares the good news with everyone around him, including his fiance, closest friends, business partners, and colleagues.

What Does Joe Have to Say to You?

Starting any kind of business can be scary, but the earlier you start, the better for you. You must be determined to move out of your comfort zone because the more you wait, the more you lose out. “Once you get on board with the first one, you are already thinking about the second, the third…” He stated.

Would you love to start your ATM business? Our professional team will be glad to work with you! Feel free to reach out to us for your ATM automation service.

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