Financial security has become a crucial aspect of every family’s well-being, and many families rely on multiple sources of income to achieve financial stability and ensure a comfortable life for their loved ones. One inspiring example of this is how a wife took charge of her family’s financial future by establishing an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) business with her husband.

Through vision and determination, Tiffany, with her husband was able to build a successful venture that provided the family with a steady stream of income and financial security. This story showcases the power of foresight and determination in creating a brighter financial future for a family and serves as an inspiration to others who aspire to achieve financial security through their own endeavors.

About Tiffany

26-year-old Tiffany comes from a big Hispanic family in Salvadoran. She currently lives in the U.S. and works as a Life Enrichment Director for a Senior Living Community.

How the Journey Into the ATM Industry Started

Tiffany explained that they were looking for an opportunity to provide more financial freedom and stability for their little family. This made them start considering different business ideas, including the real estate business. Being the booming business in town, she explained that the real estate business was what they initially wanted to venture into.

However, they later changed their mind about real estate due to its level of competitiveness. So they had to look for something that is more doable and less stressful for the family. And that is how the ATM business comes into the picture, all thanks to the husband.  “We got lucky and we stumbled upon ATMtogether and I think we definitely made the right choice for our family “, she said.

What Was the Experience Like for Them?

Tiffany explained that the process of getting started was overall a great experience. After being enrolled in the program, and they got access to the tutorials and several resources, they developed a better understanding of the business and they were able to follow the process step by step to execute the project with ease. The presence of the ATMtogether team also made the process stress free for the couple as they were providing the necessary assistance at every single step.

How Does It Feel to Start a Business With People They Haven’t Met Physically Before?

Due to many fake businesses online, Tiffany admitted that they found it a bit challenging and scary to take the step, due to the fear of being scammed. However, they were later inspired to start as a result of the pleasant experience they had with the team. ” They really went out of their way to know me, to know my husband, and just take time to talk with us over the phone and reassure us and guide us through what we needed to do”, she explained.

And Who Would Tiffany and Her Husband Tell About ATMtogether?

Interestingly, they have already started telling all of their family members about the amazing business. ‘It’s just something I think many people should know about”, she said.

Tiffany’s Advice to Those Who Are Still Undecided

If you are still skeptical about starting, this is what Tiffany has to say; “I would definitely recommend that you take the lead and take the leap of faith”. So, If you are still scared about starting your ATM business, understand that almost everyone that started once had the same fear as yours, however, they were able to look beyond their fears and do the needful.

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