Are you struggling with any form of debt and feeling overwhelmed by the financial burden? If so, Daphany’s story is sure to inspire you! Daphany is a nurse who found herself in a similar situation after graduating from nursing school. However, instead of succumbing to the stress and allowing herself to get carried away, she took a unique approach and started her own ATM business.

Daphany’s inspiring journey showcases how with hard work and optimism, it is possible to overcome financial challenges and achieve your goals. Join us as we delve into Daphany’s story and uncover valuable lessons and insights that may help you on your own journey toward financial freedom.

A Little Bit About Daphany

28-year-old Daphany is a nurse, she lives in Dallas with her boyfriend and their three kids. She also works in one of the main hospitals in Dallas and she has been in the profession for about four years.

How the Journey Into Entrepreneurship Started

It all started the same year she graduated from nursing school. As she was trying to figure out how to pay off her student loan debt, she started making a series of research and looking for information on financial freedom. In the process of her research, she came across the idea of passive/multiple streams of income.

This new idea seems interesting to her, as she has always wanted something that will still give her the chance to practice her nursing profession. Initially, this new discovery prompted her to start considering the idea of vending machines, however, in the process, she stumbled upon the ATM business, which she later decided to settle for.

What It Feels Like to Start the ATM Business

Daphany admitted that she initially developed cold feet while trying to start the business.  Having been in a pyramid scheme before, she was a bit skeptical about going into a business with a company she sees as a stranger. However, it all ended up as an exciting experience for her as she discovered that she made the right choice. She was assigned a team of professionals who provided the timely guidance and assistance she needed in setting up her ATM business and running it.

What Daphany Has to Say to Those That Are Still Sitting on the Fence

If you are still skeptical about the ATM business, Daphany suggested getting a first-time program first, as it will help you to be sure if it’s something you really want to do or not. You can also join the ATMtogether community where you will get answers to the different questions that you might possibly have. “I like that it’s very transparent in that it gives us a look into the system without actually being in the system. And that’s what helped to push me over as well…” She stated.

Would you love to also get started with your ATM business? At ATM together, we would be glad to get started with you! Let’s help you with ATM automation .

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