The world of business and entrepreneurship is filled with stories of individuals who have taken unconventional paths to achieve success. One such intriguing tale is that of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who ventured into the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) industry and built a successful ATM business for himself. The journey from the accounting field to the ATM industry may seem unexpected at first, but it showcases the limitless opportunities and versatility of entrepreneurial endeavors.

In this success story, we will explore how Corey, one of our clients at ATM Together, ventured into the ATM industry and was able to carve out a successful niche for himself. We will delve into the challenges, strategies, and lessons learned from this unique journey.

About Corey

Thirty-one-year-old Corey currently lives in New York. He is a CPA and has been in the accounting field for almost six years.

Why ATM Business?

Having spent about six years in the accounting industry, Corey was looking for other means of earning passive income, he got to know about the ATM business in the process and became interested.

Why ATM Together?

After knowing about the ATM business, Corey started his research on the business and thankfully, he found ATM Together.

 Any Form of Skepticism About Starting the Business?

Being skeptical is expected, especially talking about this type of business with people you haven’t met physically before. However, Corey stated that he found the process pretty easy. He explained that every member of the ATMtogether team that he was able to communicate with through the process made him feel comfortable to get started as they answered all his questions well and on time.”You know, they got the ball rolling pretty quickly”, he said.

Who Would Corey Tell About ATM Together?

Corey explained that he is already considering sharing the information with a couple of his friends who he thinks might be interested in starting the ATM business. He also plans to extend the information to his family members.

Corey’s Advice for You, if You Are Still Contemplating Starting Your ATM Business

Just like Corey, you might have developed an interest in the idea of passive income, but you are not just sure of which business to go into to achieve that dream. You might have listened to a number of testimonials about the ATM business, and all you need is the courage to start. The good news is, the best time to start is now. Corey advised those that are still doubting it to research, and also ask questions.

Finally, he explained, “At the end of the day, you’ve got to realize that it’s still your business, you’ve got to be the one taking the initiative and running it. So I mean if you are expecting someone else to completely take the reins, it’s not going to work”.

Starting your ATM business has never been easier! Become our client today at ATM Together, let’s help you with your ATM automation and guide you on all you need to succeed in the ATM business.

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