A 26-year-old Cleveland, Ohio father of twins, whom we’ll call Kent, had a lot of different jobs throughout his life. He had even made a living dealing with crypto currency for a while, when he was still in college.

One day he woke up and thought, “I really don’t want to listen to anyone else telling me how to do my job for their company anymore.” He also wanted more freedom and family time. He wanted to answer to no one but himself. Kent wanted to be in control of his schedule and his destiny. But he wanted it now as opposed to years down the road. 

Thanks to the fact that he is now an ATM entrepreneur, he relies on passive income with which to afford himself and his family the better things in life. He now controls his own schedule, his own business, and his destiny.

He lives his life on his terms. Spends time with friends and family. Kent tells us, “You can always add money if you need to. But you can never add more time.” He has his money working for him, rather than constantly having to work for his money.

Why ATMs and BTMs?

Kent says that ATMs are so much better than money in the bank. All you get from the banks is a meager amount of interest. By putting his money into ATMs and BTM’s, he makes passive income that far exceeds any interest the bank could offer.

BTMs were an easy transition for Kent because he’s been working with crypto currency since roughly 2018 (as mentioned above, when he was in college).

He believes that BTMs are the future, allowing you to break away from the central banking system. “It’s a great way of not to letting the government have complete control over your money.”

“Bitcoin and crypto is the next big thing. Jump in while you can!” He feels he now has more freedom with his money.

Why Partner with ATM Together?

When Kent was asked why he chose to work with ATM Together, he had this to say:

“The BTMs were particularly attractive to me.”

“ATM Together takes care of all the compliance.” He said, “I’m no lawyer, so the compliance end of things is better handled by someone who understands all of it. There’s so much you have to worry about, but it’s easier to scale my business by partnering with ATM Together. Crypto management is also much easier with them on my side.”

“With ATM Together, I always have a support group. Someone’s always there to talk to me. They’re one text away.” He highly recommends ATM Together for people wanting to become an ATM provider. “They made the process seem seamless. Do your LLC and your EIN and they take care of the rest. It’s as simple as it can get.”

Still on the Fence?

What if someone is still on the fence? What would Kent tell these individuals?

“Unless you have thousands upon thousands of dollars in liquid cash, go for it! The value that ATM Together brings to the table makes the entire process so much easier, and there’s always a support system there. It’s a no-brainer. Don’t be that guy who’s going to look back in five years and think – ‘Wow, I should’ve done it.’”

You Too Can Become an ATM Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Kent wants people to know that by joining forces with ATM Together, you may be able to create your own story of success, similar to his. 

ATM Together can help you realize your entrepreneurship goals. We assist you in purchasing, owning, and operating ATMs.

Still have questions about how to fund your new ATM business? Join forces with ATM Together for your best chance of success. Our team wants to help you succeed. Contact us for information.

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