Going back to the time of the gold rush, what, precisely, was it that prospectors did? They tried to locate gold. Once they found a good location for gold, they mined it until it was exhausted. Much the same can be said for where you put your ATM machine.

When it comes to ATMs, location is everything. So, when you’re trying to figure out how to find the best ATM location, you are, more or less, prospecting. You’re looking for the location that will provide you with the best chance of making money.

To research businesses, you need a database. The types of businesses that you want to look for are going to be cash driven businesses. There needs to be an incentive to use cash.

Let’s look at what goes into finding profitable ATM locations. There are four different methods.

Cold Calling

You’ll use this method to set up an appointment. You’re not pitching your entire offer over the phone. Repeat: Set up an appointment. When you are cold calling prospective locations/businesses, tell them you’re offering a special promotion. You’re currently in their city, so you’re doing a one-day special promotion on the ATMs. Even if they already have one, they may not like the service they’re getting. But here’s the deal – they have to schedule an appointment today or tomorrow (or this week) because you’re leaving town after that. Instill a sense of urgency. 

This will, hopefully, get your foot in the door. Your salesperson talents will be of the utmost advantage here and for the next method. Be creative with your selling tactics.

Door to Door

This method pretty much skips the whole cold call process, and it jumps right to the sales pitch. You’re going to be walking, literally, from door to door, to businesses that are cash driven. It’s important that you get past the gatekeeper, however (such as a cashier, stocker, bartender, basically anyone other than a manager), and speak to the actual person in charge (owner, manager, etc.). Once again, your salesperson attributes will be crucial. Use phrases like:

  • This is a one-time offer, only applicable while I’m in town.
  • I see you already have an ATM, but I can save you money.
  • If you’re not happy with the service you’re getting from your current ATM provider, I can assure you far better service.

Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketplace

It’s also possible to prospect ATM locations using Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketplace. For more information on how to do just that, click here for prospecting ATM locations with Facebook.

What Is Meant by Scaling a Business?

When you set the stage to facilitate and support company growth, you are scaling a business. Scaling in business means that, without being hampered, you have the ability to grow. It can require any of the following or combination thereof:

  • Funding
  • Planning
  • Technology
  • Processes
  • Staff
  • Appropriate systems
  • The right partners, and more

Here’s the best advice we can give to those who are interested in scaling their business…

Find the Best Locations and Scale Your ATM Business With ATM Together

There are numerous things to consider once you’ve decided to become an ATM business owner. You want to choose a processing company, purchase your machines, and find the right company for support. You need a company that’s going to answer all your questions, give you good advice, provide guidance as needed, and so on. Your best bet? Partner with the ATM Together team.

Whether it’s owning and operating ATMs, purchasing, finding locations, or what have you, the team will always be there to provide info, assistance, mentoring information about how to get your LLC, and anything else you need.

For any questions you have about starting an ATM business, we’d be happy to provide the answers. Contact us, please, for more information.

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